A new Stupa for the Vihara

Exciting news!

Ayya Sudinna has a vision for the backyard at the Vihara.

This vision is centered around a new Stupa and would be a place where we can sit on benches, meditate, pay homage to the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha and/or make offerings to our dearly departed.

One of the Vihara’s co-founders has completed research and found that we can have an authentic Stupa from Sri Lanka fabricated, shipped and installed at the Vihara for approximately $10,000.

Today begins our fundraising campaign to raise these funds and see Ayya’s vision become reality.

If you can please consider a donation to CBV for the Stupa Fund. You can donate to this worthy cause on our Facebook Page

Please note that you MUST have a Facebook Account and be signed in to Facebook on your browser to donate via the previous link. If you do not have a Facebook account, please click on the Donate link in the top menu to find out how to donate directly to the Vihara for this fundraiser.

Let’s do this!!

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