Vihara Update – June 2019

Opportunity to provide a Meal/Dana

With summer vacations already beginning, a number of the sangha members who regularly provide meal dana to Ayya Sudinna either are, or soon will be, on vacation. If you would like to provide Ayya with a meal, please look at the Dana Calendar on the website and pick an open date/meal that is convenient for you. When delivering, you may bring the meal the day before or the morning of. Thank you, with much metta.

Schedule of Activities – June 2019

Sutta Study: June 16, 2019
Sutta Study is scheduled for Sunday June 16th, this is a change from the original date of 6/9. The sutta to be discussed is the Mahasaccaka Sutta: The Greater Discourse to Saccaka found in the Majjhima Nikaya #36.
Or at this link:

Non-Residential Retreat: June 21, 22, 23
More information will be provided in the next few weeks. You can join us for part or all of the retreat, morning, afternoon or evening.

Weekly Schedule:
Monday June 3rd 6-8:00 Pm
Chanting and Meditation with Ayya Sudinna

Wednesday June 5th 6-7:30
Guided Meditation; Refresher for experienced meditators or for those new to the practice. Discussion before and after meditation.

Thursday June 6th 6-8:00 pm
Chanting and Meditation with Ayya Sudinna

Friday June 7th 9:30 – 10:30
Woman’s Meditation

May we all be well, happy and peaceful.

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