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Exciting News!

In September of 2019 CBV initiated a Stupa Project for the backyard at the Vihara. Our fundraising efforts and the generosity of many sangha members allowed for the Stupa to be commissioned in Sri Lanka. What we were unaware of at the time was… Continue Reading “Exciting News!”

Vihara Reopening

Good News! With the recent guidelines that the CDC issued we can begin to reopen the Vihara. We request that all sangha members who attend in person follow CDC guidelines in relation to masks and social distancing. Due to social distancing in person attendance… Continue Reading “Vihara Reopening”

2021 Clean-up Day & Pot-Luck Lunch

As the time nears to re-open the Vihara after the long Covid-19 shut down we’d like to have another clean-up day as we did in 2019. Sunday May 16th is the day Ayya has chosen. We’d like to combine this with a Pot-Luck lunch… Continue Reading “2021 Clean-up Day & Pot-Luck Lunch”

Vihara Update – June 2019

Opportunities to provide Dana and a schedule of events for June 2019

Vesak Day Celebration 2019

The Vihara held it’s Vesak Day celebration on May 19, 2019. The photos below show some of the decorations and activities at the Vihara on this special occasion. This most important Buddhist festival is known as either Vesak or Wesak, and is celebrated annually… Continue Reading “Vesak Day Celebration 2019”

Vesak Day Celebration / Poya Day

Vesak Day is a holiday traditionally observed by Buddhists. It commemorates the birth, enlightenment and death of Gautama Buddha. When: Sunday, May 19, 2019 at 10 AM – 4 PM Where: Carolina Buddhist Vihara 113 Woodridge Cir, Greenville, South Carolina 29607

Weekly Schedule: May 5-19

Friends, The following is the weekly schedule for next week: Sunday 5/5/19 Sutta Study 2-4:00 pmAṅguttara Nikāya, The Book of the Fours, #61. Worthy Deeds. It can be found on page 449. For those who do not have a copy of the Anguttara Nikaya… Continue Reading “Weekly Schedule: May 5-19”

Visit to the Bhavana Society Meditation Center

Ayya Sudinna recently translated Bhante G’s (Henepola Gunaratana) book Meditation on Perception: Ten Healing Practices To Cultivate Mindfulness into Sinhala from English and received published copies when she went to Sri Lanka. Ayya wanted to deliver the book to Bhante in person so we… Continue Reading “Visit to the Bhavana Society Meditation Center”

Day 1 of the Vihara Cleanup