Vihara Reopening

Good News! With the recent guidelines that the CDC issued we can begin to reopen the Vihara.

We request that all sangha members who attend in person follow CDC guidelines in relation to masks and social distancing. Due to social distancing in person attendance will be limited to 9 sangha members and Ayya. If you would like to attend in person for any scheduled offerings you must call first to reserve your space. The Vihara phone number is (864) 329-9961.


The Vihara is open for meditation every Monday & Thursday from 6.00- 8.00 PM.

Women only Meditation: A meditation session for women will be held every Friday from 9:00 -10:00 AM.

Sutta Study every other Saturday:

Sutta Study will continue every other Saturday on Zoom and will also be open to attend in person for those who are able to. The next Sutta Study will be May 29th. Please call to reserve your space if you intend on attending in person at the Vihara.

Vesak Day Celebration

On Sunday May 23rd CBV will hold a Vesak Day Celebration beginning at 10:00 AM with a Pot-Luck Lunch.

The morning session will be conducted OUTSIDE to accommodate all those individuals who would like to attend. Please remember to RSVP. As we do not have enough chairs it may be useful to bring a lawn chair to sit outside.

The afternoon session, of continued chanting, will be conducted inside, in the Shrine Room and be limited to 9 sangha members. This will be conducted in person. You must reserve your space in advance to attend this session.

With Metta,
Ayya Sudinna


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